The Rarotonga Championships are now over

Around 270 athletes competed in the highly successful 2015 OMA Championships held at the National Stadium in Rarotonga. Despite cool and at times damp conditions, some 25 Championship records were set, and complete results are provided under the Results web page.

Eric de Latour with studentsThe Clem Green Trophy awarded to the best performance in a 1500m (based on age-graded percentage) was won by New Zealands M95 Eric de Lautour. with an age-graded percentage of 88.16%.

The Inter-Island Challenge Shield (based on points for the top 8 placings) was again won by the Cook Islands (~360 points) from a small 8-person Solomon Islands team on 218 points, both well ahead of French Polynesia with 34 points.

It should be noted that the results refer to the Decathlon, however, as there was no pole vault facility, the event was conducted as a Nonathlon with all the decathlon events except for the Pole Vault.