OMA Championships Program

The following programme of events has been established by the OMA Council. Any variations from the schedule of standard events must be specifically approved by the OMA Council prior to being advertised.

Standard Events

Men Women
60 Metre Sprint M30+ 60 Metre Sprint W30+
100 Metre Sprint M30+ 100 Metre Sprint W30+
200 Metre Sprint M30+ 200 Metre Sprint W30+
400 Metre Sprint M30+ 400 Metre Sprint W30+
800 Metre Run M30+ 800 Metre Run W30+
1500 Metre Run M30+ 1500 Metre Run W30+
5000 Metre Run M30+ 5000 Metre Run W30+
80 Metre Hurdles M70+ 80 Metre Hurdles W40+
100 Metre Hurdles M50-69 100 Metre Hurdles W30-39
110 Metre Hurdles M30-49
200 Metre Hurdles M80+ 200 Metre Hurdles W70
300 Metre Hurdles M60-79 300 Metre Hurdles W50-69
400 Metre Hurdles M30-59 400 Metre Hurdles W30-49
3000 Metre Track Walk M30+ 3000 Metre Track Walk W30+
5000 Metre Track Walk M30+ 5000 Metre Track Walk W30+
4×100 Metre Relay 4×100 Metre Relay
Medley Relay (800m, 200m, 200m, 400m) Medley Relay (800m, 200m, 200m, 400m)
Long Jump M30+ Long Jump W30+
Triple Jump M30+ Triple Jump W30+
High Jump M30+ High Jump W30+
Shot Put M30+ Shot Put W30+
Discus M30+ Discus W30+
Javelin M30+ Javelin W30+
Hammer M30+ Hammer W30+
Throws Pentathlon M30+
Order of Events (HT, SP, DT, JT, WT)
Throws Pentathlon W30+
Order of Events (HT, SP, DT, JT, WT)
Pentathlon M30+
Order of Events (LJ, JT, 200m, DT, 1500m)
Pentathlon W30+
Order of Events (100, SP, LJ, JT, 800m)
Half Marathon M30+ Half Marathon W30+
10km Road Walk M30+ 10km Road Walk W30+
8km Cross Country M30-69 8km Cross Country W30-69
6km Cross Country M70+ 6km Cross Country W70+

Note that the above three non-stadia events will also be conducted as 3-person teams, usually in the W30-54; W55+; M30-49; M50-64 and M65+ age group categories

Where Facilities are available the following events will also be held

Men Women
2000 Metre Steeplechase M60+ 2000 Metre Steeplechase W30+
3000 Metre Steeplechase M30-59
Pole Vault M30+ Pole Vault W30+

Optional Events, to be held outside of normal programme

Decathlon M30+, Heptathlon W30+. Events to be conducted in IAAF order.

Note that if the Decathlon and/or Heptathlon are included they must be held outside the official programme of events so that the official championship programme is not lengthened as this may affect all competitors’ travel and accommodation requirements.