WMA Honorary Life Membership

Stan Perkins           Australia

Clem Green QSM New Zealand

Jim Blair*                 New Zealand

The Bronze Pin is awarded by the WMA Council to persons who have rendered outstanding services to WMA and who are not eligible for Honorary Life Membership.  The Oceania recipients of the WMA Honorary Bronze Pin are:

Jim Tobin               New Zealand

Arthur Grayburn   New Zealand

Colleena Blair       New Zealand

Helen Tobin          New Zealand

Brian King              New Zealand

Norm Coop           New Zealand

Colin Brown          Australia

Rudi Hochreiter    Australia

Fred O’Connor     Australia

Wilma Perkins       Australia

Kerry Thew            Australia

Ian Anderson         Norfolk Island

Bob Schickert        Australia

Bob Banens           Australia

*Jim Blair has also been awarded the IAAF Veteran Pin