Brief History of Masters Athletics on Norfolk Island

After arriving on Norfolk Island in 1988, Ian Anderson, in conjunction with Graeme Donaldson and John Hicks, formed the Norfolk Island Association of Master Athletes.
When attending the 4th Oceania Master Championships in Noumea, Ian applied for and was awarded the 6th Championships to be held on Norfolk Island in 1992. These were held in December, 1992 and were attended by 450 athletes from Australia, New Zealand and a number of Pacific Islands.
Subsequent to these Championships the Norfolk Island Association of Master Athletes amalgamated with the re-formed Amateur Athletics Association to form Athletics Norfolk Island.
Because of the small population of Norfolk island, Athletics Norfolk Island conducts a number of age-factored competitions encompassing athletes of all ages, rather than specific Master events.
When Brisbane was awarded the WAVA Championships for 2001, they stepped down from the organisation of the 10th Oceania Championships. Norfolk Island took up the challenge and the Oceania Regional Championships were successfully conducted for the second time on the island in January, 2000.